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I feel like if Microsoft end up being ignored by third parties, or getting a worse version of the games released on their platform, there's going to be a disaster. The WiiU (Which also was doomed by a terrible name choice) failed in part because of the fact that it got almost no third party support where it counted as far as "most console gamers" are concerned.

There were a lot of promises on launch that things were being worked on, but the console didn't take off and third parties didn't want to develop for it as a result. You could argue that console power has somethign to do with it, but third parties were more than happy to release a terrible version of their game on the wii thanks to its success.

A lack of support from third parties is also a doom spiral. They don't make games because the console isn't getting bought by enough people, then people see a lack of third party games so wont buy the console.

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